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How to check/test my CNAME record in email campaigns?

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To check or test if you have published a CNAME record correctly on a domain, you can verify CNAME from the following website, https://mxtoolbox.com/CNAMELookup.aspx.

The string to use is ecm-bounces.domain-name. For example, we will replace domain-name with vtiger.com.
  1. Enter the following text in the CNAME Lookup field: ecm-bounces.vtiger.com
  2. Click CNAME Lookup
The screen will display the results in this format - The canonical name of ecm-bounces.vtiger.com is ca.vtiger.email.

Note: In Vtiger, we recommend you use CNAME records to authenticate emails from Email Campaigns. CNAME is mandatory for email campaigns.
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