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What are MYOB Vtiger integration limitations?

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There are certain limitations in the MYOB Vtiger integration. They are:
  • Only Individual(Item taxes) Tax mode must be used in Vtiger CRM to sync Vtiger Invoices with MYOB.
  • Only MYOB-created taxes must be used in Invoices for Vtiger CRM records.
  • Only one tax must be used for Invoices records in Vtiger CRM.
  • Only Item level discounts must be used in Vtiger CRM Invoices.
  • Invoices with negative adjustments will be skipped. Only positive adjustments will be synced to MYOB.
  • MYOB Invoices should be linked to Vtiger CRM Contacts or Organizations otherwise, invoices will be skipped.
  • Vtiger CRM Invoices with taxes on charges value will not Sync to MYOB.
  • Only MYOB-created sales accounts must be used in Vtiger Invoice Item Details. 
  • All Newly created Invoices in Vtiger will be synced to MYOB as Tax exclusive Invoices.
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