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How do I send payment requests using Razorpay in Vtiger CRM?

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Let us learn how to send payments to  customers using Razorpay from Vtiger CRM.
Follow these steps to send a payment: 
  1. Login to your CRM account.
  2. Click the User Menu.
  3. Click Inventory.
  4. Look for Order Fulfillment.
  5. Click Payments. 
  6. Select a Payment record of the customer to whom you want to send a payment request.
  7. Click the Send Link button on the top left corner of the screen. You will be directed to the Select your payment gateway window.
  8. Click Send Link beside Razorpay.

  1. This will take you to the Compose Email window where the following email details to be sent to the customer are auto-filled:
  • To - The customer's email address to whom you want to send the payment request.
Note: The Related Contact for the specific Payment record will by default be considered as the To email address. 
  • From - Your email address.
  • Subject - Payment link.
  • Email content - Will display the payment link using which customers can process payments via Razorpay.
Note: All the above fields remain editable if you want to enter different details.
  1. Select or upload other email details if required.
  2. Click Send.
  3. If the email is sent successfully the Success notification is displayed.
You have now successfully sent a payment request to a customer using Razorpay from Vtiger CRM.
Note: The Razorpay payment request sent to a customer is posted as ‘Email Payment Link’ in the Activity section of the contact record of the customer.

Razorpay for your customer
If you are a customer and a Razorpay payment request has been sent to you from Vtiger CRM:
  1. You will receive the Razorpay payment link on your email.
  2. Click the payment link. You will be directed to the Razorpay payment gateway screen.
  3. You can now process the payment using Razorpay as illustrated in the Processing Payments to customers section.

Once you receive a payment via Razorpay, the following records and fields are automatically updated in the CRM: 
  • Payment record:
    • Status - Updates to Received(Invoice).
    • Date Received - Updates to the date payment is received.
  • Related Invoice record:
    • Status updates to:
      • Paid - If full amount is received.
      • Partially Paid - If partial amount is received.
    • Balance - Updates to the remaining balance amount.
    • Received -Updates to the credited amount.
Note: The Payment record updates will be posted in the Activity section of the Payment record.
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