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What are the benefits of integrating Constant Contact?

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Key Terminologies for Constant Contact Integration

Application A portal application is your portal account that you create for your business transactions and transfers.
API Key An application programming interface is a secret authentication code that identifies its user, or program. API Keys are unique identifiers which secure your applications from cyber abuse or malicious use.
Client Secret Client Secret is a confidential key confined only to the application and the authorization server. It is a cryptographically-secure key.
OAuth Open Authorization (OAuth) is an open protocol for authorization. It is an identification protocol that lets the user grant access to an application to interact or sync with the other on the user's behalf. Without disclosing confidential data such as passwords, keys etc.
Refresh tokens Refresh tokens are credentials or request tokens from a web service to access new tokens on behalf of the user without the user being present. Refresh tokens can also expire but are quite long-lived.
Redirect URI Once the application’s authorization process is successful and access tokens have been granted. Redirect URI is a responding or a reply URL location where the authorization server directs the user to.
2 way sync Two-way synchronization is transferring data between two business interfaces. Newly created, updated etc records in one app will be instantly created in the other and vice versa.
Field Mapping Field Mapping is a process of systematically matching and syncing the data for fields between two websites. It auto-matches the source fields and the target fields and syncs data- from one website with the other.
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