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What is Constant Contact field mapping?

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For data to sync properly between Vtiger CRM and Constant Contact, the fields in the CRM need to map with the fields in Constant Contact. 
Field mapping enables this process to occur smoothly. Improper or incomplete mapping is the reason why the sync process 'skips' a few records and these records won’t be updated. For example, a mandatory field in Constant Contact might have data, and the mapped non-mandatory field in Vtiger might be empty. In this case, the sync process will not be successful.
The following table displays the fields in CRM’s Contacts module that are mapped to Constant Contact.

Field Mapping between Vtiger's Contacts module and Constant Contact

Vtiger CRM Constant Contact
Basic Information Basic Details
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Email Email Address
Phone Phone Number_Home
Address Details_Mailing address   Physical Addresses_Home           
Mailing Street Address Line 1, Address Line 2
Mailing City City
Mailing State State/Province
Mailing Zip Zip/Postal Code
Mailing Country Country


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