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How to access Weatherapp in CRM?

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In this section let us learn how to use the OpenWeather app for the Contacts and Leads modules in Vtiger CRM:
Follow these steps to access the Weatherapp in Vtiger CRM:
  1. Login to your CRM account.
  2. Click the User Menu.
  3. Look for Lead & Contact Management.
  4. Click Contacts (or Leads).
  5. Click a Contact record. This takes you to its Summary View.
  6. If one of the following details for the contact record is available, by default its weather details along with its map are displayed in the Weather Details section.
  1. Mailing City 
  2. Mailing Country along with Mailing Zip
  3. Other City 
  4. Other Country along with Other Zip
Note: If more than one location detail is available for the contact or lead record, the app displays weather details for these locations as per the list mentioned above.
You have now successfully accessed the Weatherapp in Vtiger CRM.
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