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What is the field mapping for Ledgers in Tally and Organizations in Vtiger?

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Tally Field Names Vtiger Field Names
Ledger Name Organization Name
Company Name Tally Company 
Ledger Group Ledger Group
Mailing Address Billing Address
Mailing Country Billing Country
Mailing State Billing State
First Address of Multiple Addresses Shipping Address
Pincode Postal code
Phone no Primary Phone
Fax Fax
Mobile no Secondary Phone
GSTIN/UIN GSTIN - Only for Indian Instances
Specify Credit Limit Credit Limit
Credit Period Credit Period
Outstanding Balance of the Ledger Tally Outstanding Balance
Email Primary Email
Email CC Secondary Email
Website Website
Description Description
  • Ledger groups can be synced in two ways now. That is, Ledgers get synced from Tally to Vtiger and Vice Versa.
  • If the ledger values in invoices and sales orders are incorrect, the Default Sales Ledger, Default Discount Ledger and Default Shipping Leder values are considered.
  • Subgroups or custom groups created under Sundry Debtors or Sundry Creditors group in Tally are now synced with the CRM’s organizations. A new field called Ledger Group is added to the Organizations module. For example, if you create a ledger in Tally under Sundry Debtors > Subgroup 1, then the Ledger Group field in the related organization record shows Subgroup 1. 
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