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What is the field mapping for Sales Vouchers in Tally and Invoices in Vtiger?

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The following fields are mapped from Sales Vouchers to Products. 
Sales Vouchers to Products 

Tally Field Name Vtiger Field Name
Reference No Subject
Voucher No Tally Invoice No
Company Name Tally Company
Voucher Date & Effective Date Invoice Date
Voucher Type Sub Voucher Type
Part’s A/C Name Organization Name
Buyer’s Address Billing Address
Country Billing Country
State Billing State
Consignee’s Address Shipping Address
Stock Items Products
Billed Quantity Quantity
Rate Selling Price
Voucher Sales Ledger Tally Sales Ledger
Tax Tax
Charge Ledger Charges
Other Expenses Adjustment Add/Deduct
Discount Overall Discount
Item Level Discount Item Level Discount
Narration Description
Discount Names Tally Discount Ledger
Sales Account Leder Sales Account
  • Sales vouchers are synced along with sales voucher types.
  • All discount ledgers created under indirect expense will be synced to the Vtiger Tally Discount ledger picklist field.
  • Ledgers created under direct income are synced to shipping charred in Vtiger, and Ledgers created under indirect expense are synced to Discounts under Vtiger.
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