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What are the key enhancements made to the Tally and Vtiger integration?

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The following enhancements have been made to the Tally and Vtiger integration:
  • Multiple shipping charges and discount ledgers are synced from Tally to vtiger CRM and vice versa.
  • Tax on charges is synced from Tally to Vtiger CRM and vice versa.
  • All taxes are synced to the taxes column under charges. 
  • Grouping: When a product is synced to Tally, it goes under the name of the primary or default group if multiple groups are available.
  • Charts of Accounts Add-on must be installed to sync sales account ledgers from tally to Vtiger.
  • All the sales account ledgers are fetched from Tally and reflected in the CRM in the Chart of Accounts.
  • Taxes are also fetched along with the sales account ledgers.
  • Multiple companies’ data can be synced from Tally to CRM.
  • Any levels of groupings of ledgers and vouchers can be synced to the CRM.
  • Multiple Companies can now be added from the Vtier settings page.
  • If multiple addresses of an organization are present in the tally, they will be synced to the multiple address module. ( For this to work, the user must first install the Multiple Addresses Add-on).
  • Outstanding Invoices are now synced from Tally to Vtiger and are displayed in one view in the organization record.
  • Taxes on Charges are now allowed to be synced in both ways.
  • Sales accounts synced from the tally are marked as Sales Account type in Charts of Accounts.
  • Account code starts with T-100 for sales accounts synced from the tally.
  • On Installing the COA add-on, Item account taxes and Record account taxes under Tax mode are added Item details block in the  Invoices and Sales orders.
  • If the Tax mode is set as Record account taxes and an account is selected from the Record  Sales Account picklist, then the taxes under this account will apply to all the line items in the invoice.
  • If Tax mode is set as Item account taxes, users can select different sales accounts for each line item. 
  • Taxes are applied to the line items depending on the taxes configured under the selected account from the COA.
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