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How do I synchronize QuickBooks with Vtiger?

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The sync process is straightforward and easy. With the sync, your contacts, products, services, vendors, and invoices are updated on both ends. This ensures that important fields are automatically mapped, and you do not have to re-enter data. 
Note: You can access QuickBooks from the List View of the following modules and begin the sync process from there - Contacts, Products & Services, Vendors, Invoices, and Purchase Orders.

Follow these steps to sync data: 
  1. Log in to your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Go to the List View of Contacts/Products/Services/Invoices/Vendors module
  4. Click the Sync button on the top.
  5. Select QuickBooks.
  6. Click Sync Settings.
  7. Click on the checkbox beside the module you want to sync.
  8. From the drop-down below, select the direction of sync:
    1. Sync QuickBooks data with Vtiger
    2. Sync Vtiger data with QuickBooks
    3. Sync Both Ways
  9. Click Save Settings.
  10. Click Sync Now to start syncing records.
    1. After records are synced successfully, the Sync Log displays the number of records created and updated on both ends in a tabular format.
  11. Click on the numbers displayed under Created, Updated, Deleted, and Skipped columns to know the record details.
Handy information:
  • Vtiger CRM Contacts are synced as Customers in your QuickBooks Online account and vice-versa. Contacts can be synced individually.
  • Products and Services in Vtiger CRM are synced as Products and Services in QuickBooks.
  • Vendors in Vtiger CRM are synced as Vendors in QuickBooks.
  • Invoices in Vtiger CRM are synced as Invoices in QuickBooks. However, Invoices can’t be synced individually. Contacts and Products should also be synced alongside with Invoices.
  • For synchronizing Invoices you need to have Contacts, Products, and Services module enabled in Vtiger.
  • Purchase Order in Vtiger CRM is synced as Purchase Order in QuickBooks.
  • Sync does not handle Delete activities.
    • Any records deleted in Vtiger will not be deleted in QuickBooks and vice versa.
  • When contacts, vendors, products, and services are synced from Vtiger to Quickbooks, duplicate records will also be linked.
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