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How does field mapping work in QuickBooks - Vtiger integration? 

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For any synchronization to be successful, mapping fields between Vtiger and QuickBooks is necessary to ensure information is transferred mutually.

Take a look at the default field mapping for this integration.

Synchronization of Contacts
Vtiger QuickBooks
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Organization Name Company Name
Office Phone Phone
Mobile Phone Mobile
Secondary Phone Other Phone
Fax Fax
Primary Email Email
Mailing Street Street
Mailing City City
Mailing State State
Mailing Zip Zip
Mailing Country Country
Description Notes
Vtiger to QuickBooks
The Display Name field is mandatory in QuickBooks. Hence the First Name and Last Name fields are combined and displayed as Display Name in QuickBooks.
QuickBooks to Vtiger
  • The Last Name field is mandatory in Vtiger. If the Last Name field in QuickBooks is empty, the Display Name is taken as the Last Name in Vtiger CRM.
  • If the Company field is empty, a default organization record QB Sync No Company is created, and a contact is associated with it.
Synchronization of Products and Services Data 
Vtiger QuickBooks
Product Name Name
Service Name Name
Unit Price Price/Rate
Description Description
Vtiger to QuickBooks
Products/Services is a single entity in QuickBooks, whereas Vtiger offers Products and Services as two different modules. During the sync process, Products and Services in Vtiger are jointly mapped as the Products/Services module in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks to Vtiger
  • Records in Products are synced to the Products module in Vtiger CRM.
  • Records in Services are synced to the Services module in Vtiger CRM.
Synchronization of Vendor Data
Vtiger QuickBooks
Vendor Name Name
Primary Email Email
Primary Phone Phone
Website Website
Street Street
City City
State State
Postal Code Zip

Synchronization of Vendor Data
Vtiger QuickBooks
Contact Name Customer Name
QB Invoice No Invoice No
Invoice Date Invoice Date
Invoice Due Date Invoice Due Date
Billing Address Bill Address
Shipping Address Ship Address
Products Products
Services Services
Quantity Quantity

Field Mapping Limitations

Vtiger to QuickBooks
  • Invoices that are not related to any Contact record in Vtiger CRM are not synced to QuickBooks.
  • Vtiger CRM Invoices are not synced.
Note: You can add a custom field created in QuickBooks; you can do so by using the Add Custom Mapping feature.
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