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What are the limitations of the Vtiger - Quickbooks sync process?

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The following are the limitations in the Vtiger - Quickbooks sync process:

  • When you perform the sync for the first time, all the taxes from QuickBooks will be copied to Vtiger.
  • Vtiger Invoices with individual tax types should have the same taxes for all the line items.
  • Shipping should be enabled from QuickBooks Company settings if you track shipping charges from the Vtiger Invoices module.
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  • Invoices
    • While syncing Invoices from QuickBooks to Vtiger, the Currencies used in Quickbooks Invoices should exist in Vtiger.
    • While syncing Invoices from QuickBooks to Vtiger, Shipping tax percentages should be the same in Vtiger and QuickBooks.
    • Invoices in Vtiger with individual tax types having group-level discounts and item-level discounts will be skipped.
  • Taxes
    • At least one tax should be active in Vtiger to sync invoices from Vtiger to Quickbooks.
    • While syncing invoices from Vtiger to QuickBooks, if tax values are zero, the Invoice will be created in QuickBooks with mode as 'out of the scope' of tax.
    • If any of the line items in Vtiger are not having taxes in individual mode, the CRM checks for a zero-value tax in QuickBooks and syncs the invoice. If Zero value tax is not available, then the invoice will be skipped.
    • When you do the first sync, all Sales taxes will be copied from QuickBooks to Vtiger, and all purchase taxes will be skipped.
  • While syncing products from Vtiger to QuickBooks, the Income and Expense accounts will be mapped from the details you provided.
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