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What are the actions possible in Microsoft Teams?

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You can do the following from Microsoft Teams:
  • Add Vtiger CRM’s Dashboards in your Team's Channel tab.
  • Share Contact or Deal cards with your colleagues directly within the Channel conversation.
Add the Vtiger Dashboard to your Team Channel
Follow these steps to add a CRM dashboard in Microsoft Teams:
  1. Log in to your Microsoft Teams account.
  2. Click on Apps.
  3. Search for Vtiger CRM.
  4. Click Add to Team to add the Vtiger page as a Channel tab. 
  5. Choose the page you want to add, like Tasks, Deals, etc., by clicking the + button.
  6. Click Save.

Share Contact or Deal cards with your colleagues 
Follow these steps to share contact or deal cards:

  1. On the Microsoft Teams home page, click Teams.
  2. Click General.
  3. Click the New Conversation button.
  4. Click Team Owners.
  5. Click on the Vtiger icon.
  6. Select the Type of card to share.
  7. Select the Card.
  8. Click the Send icon.
Note: Converse via the Vtiger bot to get Contact or Deal information from the Chat tab. 
Records sharing within a group
Have you created a group for your team members in MS Teams? Before sharing any records in the conversation, the user or the owner of the group must first Add Vtiger App to the team. Installing once is sufficient to enable team-level sharing of records and documents within the group
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