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Explain linking with an example.

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For example, let us consider a custom laptop configuration tool. The product options may include:
  1. Processor: Customers can choose between different processors like Intel i5, i7, or i9.
  2. RAM: The available RAM options may vary depending on the selected processor. For example, if the customer selects Intel i5, they may have 8GB or 16GB RAM options. But if they select Intel i9, they may have 16GB or 32GB RAM options.
  3. Storage: Like RAM, the available storage options can be linked to the processor choice. For example, Intel i5 may offer 256GB or 512GB SSD options, while Intel i9 may provide 512GB or 1TB SSD options.
In this example, linking ensures that customers are presented with relevant and compatible choices based on their initial selection, thus streamlining the customization process.

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