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How do I adjust the stock manually?

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If no adjustments are made through other modules, such as Invoices or Purchase orders, you can adjust the stocks manually using the Adjust Stock button in the Product record.
Follow these steps to adjust the stocks of a product:
  1. Log in to your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Click Inventory.
  4. Click Products.
  5. Click the required Product record.
  6. Click Adjust Stocks.
  7. Enter or select information for the following:
    1. Product: Select the required product from the drop-down.
    2. Value to Adjust: Select the required stock from the drop-down.
    3. Adjustment: Enter the required algorithm to adjust stocks 
    4. Status: Select the required status from the drop-down.
    5. Assigned To: Select a user from the drop-down.
    6. Reason: Select a reason from the drop-down.
    7. Notes: Enter the required note for the stock update.
  8. Click Save.
Note: The stock quantity also gets updated with respect to created or imported Invoices, Purchase notes, Delivery Notes, etc., and their configuration in the Stock Management settings page.
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