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What actions can be performed in the Details View(i)?

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You can perform different actions on a record by clicking different icons in the Summary View. 
  • More icon, (three dots)
    • Transfer Ownership: Transfer ownership of the record.
    • Contact Hierarchy: Denotes the contact’s hierarchy in the organization. When you click this icon, the Contact Hierarchy window opens. You can see the details about the contact and update information such as the reporting manager. 
    • Erase Personal Data: This is irreversible and will erase all fields marked as personal data in the layout editor.
    • Obtain Consent: You can obtain consent from the customer to save their data or to send emails.
    • Followers: Displays the list of those who are following the record.
    • Create Reminder: You can create a reminder for an upcoming event
    • Print: Using this icon, you can perform the following actions on a document:
      • Edit and Export
      • Email with PDF
      • Print
      • Save as PDF
    • Duplicate: You can duplicate details available in one record and reflect them in a new one.
    • Delete: You can delete a record by clicking this icon.
      • Note: Deleted records are stored in the recycle bin and permanently deleted after 30 days. 
    • Follow: You can follow a record to get updates on all the activities performed on that record.
    • Tags: You can add tag names to a record to identify the record easily.
    • Open New Tab: Opens the record in a new tab
    • Link: Clicking on the link icon copies the URL. You can then paste the URL to a notepad, in your browser, or in an email.
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