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How do I increase the number of records shown per page?
How can I resize the columns in List View?
What are Lists?
Can I edit all the records in the list at the same time?
How to create a list?
What are the different types of lists?
Where can I find List View in Vtiger CRM?
Where can I find lists in the List View?
Can a standard user edit a shared list?
How will I know if the list is shared list or not?
Can I import lists?
How does ALL condition work?
How does ANY condition work?
How do I add or remove columns?
How many columns can I add in the List View?
How can I sort the columns in the List view?
How can I rearrange the columns in the List View?
How can I jump to the desired page in the List View?
How does the List View sort the records?
Can I edit a shared list?
Can I create a list of tags?
How does a search bar in List View work?
Can I have many filters in the search bar?
How can I clear the filters in the List View search bar?
Can I see filters of all fields in the List View?

What is a List View?

Vtiger CRM comes pre-packaged with a set of lists for every module. You can also create an ideal list of recipients that help with filtering records in a module. Do not misunderstand the List View to be just a list of records; you can perform a lot of quick actions in the List View like:

  • Use different conditions to filter a set of records in a module
  • Perform operations on the lists like edit, delete, duplicate, etc
To know more about List View, click here.
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