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What is Kanban View in Deals?
How can I access Kanban View in Deals?
What is a Sales Pipeline?
Can I create a sales pipeline?
When can I assign a sales pipeline to deals?
How can I change the pipeline of a deal?
What is a sales stage?
Can I see the deal amount in Kanban View?
How can I change a deal's sales stage?
Can I close a deal in the Kanban View?
Why can't I see the Kanban View icon?
Why can't I assign sales stages?
Why can't I drag-drop deals in Kanban View?
What is Deal Cards?
What information do deal cards show?
How can I make a field appear on the deal card?
Which actions can I perform on the deal card?
How do I get rid of empty columns in Kanban View?
How can I filter the deals based on pipelines?

What actions can I perform on the Kanban View in Deals?

You can perform the following actions in the Kanban View:
  • You can move a deal from one sales stage to another with a drag-and-drop action.
  • You can also move a deal from its current stage to Closed Won or Closed Lost with a drag-and-drop action.
Other actions that you can perform on the Kanban View are as follows:
  • Create and share lists from the Lists drop-down displayed on the top right
  • Create a new deal by clicking +New Deal
  • Go to the List view by using the icons displayed beside +New Deal
  • Apply filters using Filters
To know more about Kanban View in Deals, click here.
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