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How do I increase the number of records shown per page?
What is a List View?
How can I resize the columns in List View?
What are Lists?
Can I edit all the records in the list at the same time?
How to create a list?
What are the different types of lists?
Where can I find List View in Vtiger CRM?
Where can I find lists in the List View?
Can a standard user edit a shared list?
How will I know if the list is shared list or not?
Can I import lists?
How does ALL condition work?
How does ANY condition work?
How many columns can I add in the List View?
How can I sort the columns in the List view?
How can I rearrange the columns in the List View?
How can I jump to the desired page in the List View?
How does the List View sort the records?
Can I edit a shared list?
Can I create a list of tags?
How does a search bar in List View work?
Can I have many filters in the search bar?
How can I clear the filters in the List View search bar?
Can I see filters of all fields in the List View?
Can I send emails to contacts directly from the List View?

How do I add or remove columns?

Follow these steps to add or remove columns:

  1. Click the Menu icon.
  2. Select and open any module.
  3. Click the Manage Columns icon on the left side of column names.
  4. Select the Edit column. A Configure Columns window appears.
  5. Remove the columns by clicking the X button on the field name in the Selected fields section.
  6. Add the columns of your choice by selecting the columns from the Available fields section.
  7. Click the Update List button to view the changes in your List View.
To know more about List View, click here.
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