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How are touchpoints used in Vtiger CRM?

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Information captured by touchpoints is used in the Actions dashboard, Sales Insights, and the Last Contacted fields.

1. Actions dashboard
Actions dashboard provides a single view of all the upcoming, overdue, and completed activities under the Me tab. When no activity is performed on a deal in a long time, then the deal is said to be idle. To get idle alerts, you can go to Actions > Configuration > Smart Alerts.

2. Sales Insights
Touchpoints such as emails, phone calls, and events are used to generate Activity Reports on deals in Sales Insights. 

3. Last Contacted details
Last Contacted Via and Last Contacted On fields in Contacts and Organizations get updated automatically when a touchpoint occurs. You can refer to these fields to identify when the last connection was made with a deal-related contact or organization.

Consider this example: A sales rep’s latest interaction with a customer was through Email at 10:30 AM on 27th June 2019. In this case, Last Contacted Via gets updated to ‘Email’ and Last Contacted On takes the value ‘27-6-2019 10:30 AM’.

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