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What are the benefits of using the Vtiger CRM with Office 365?

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Here are some of the benefits of this integration: 
  • Access emails, documents, and spreadsheets from different locations and different time zones - now you can share all your documents.
  • Access all your contacts and calendars from Office 365 and Vtiger with 2-way sync - do not worry about losing contact information or missing events, meetings, and emails.
  • Leverage sales insights by identifying opportunities that are not progressing and take necessary actions to close deals.
  • Save communication history for your contacts by archiving Office 365 emails in Vtiger CRM - ensure you do not forget what you have discussed and have speaking points ready for your subsequent meetings.
  • Get automated reminders to follow up on idle contacts that will help you generate new businesses and build your network.
  • Get reminders about meetings, emails, and campaigns and never miss meetings with contacts.
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