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Natural Language Query (NLQ)

Lavanya R
8 Jul, 2023 - Updated 2 months ago
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A Natural Language Query (NLQ) is a question or statement that uses everyday language, spoken or written by a human, instead of technical syntax or programming language.

NLQ makes it easier for non-technical users to interact with databases and other systems in a human-like way.

Instead of learning complex query languages or database structures, you can simply ask questions or provide statements in your own words, similar to how you would communicate with another person.

You can create records or display record summaries NLQ commands. This feature uses GPT to extract relevant details from the CRM to create a record.

The Ask Calculus AI feature supports NLQ commands to create a record. You can create contact, task, events, or other records in the CRM. For example, a command like ‘create a $100k Opportunities related to John Smith for opening a new coffee shop, close deal by 15th Aug this year will create a task record linked to a contact John, with the exact start and end time.

A command like ‘create an important meeting with Syria tomorrow at 11 AM for one hour will create a contact record with the name Syria with all details mentioned. 

The Ask Calculus AI feature now supports NLQ to display record summaries. 

You can use the /command in the Ask Calculus AI window to display information related to the record. 

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Natural Language Query offers the following benefits:

Bridging the Gap between Technical and Non-technical Users - Natural language queries allows communication and understanding between technical and non-technical users.
Ease of Use - Natural language queries make it easier for non-technical users to interact with complex systems.
Conversational Interaction - Users can ask questions or provide statements in their own words, making the interaction more conversational and familiar.

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