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Quarantine Emails in Microsoft Outlook

Bindu Rekha Babu
10 Jul, 2024 - Updated 4 days ago
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Quarantined emails are those flagged as potentially harmful or spam, and Outlook’s filtering system isolates them to protect your inbox. 

Managing quarantined emails in Microsoft Outlook is essential for:

  • Maintaining the efficiency and security of your email communications. 
  • Ensuring that legitimate emails aren't missed and spam or phishing emails don't clutter your inbox. 

You can access your Quarantine email notifications, to review and manage Quarantined Emails via Microsoft’s Security and Compliance Center. Microsoft Outlook typically sends notifications about quarantine emails to inform you about messages that have been quarantined. It looks for emails with subjects like Quarantine Notification or Spam Quarantine.

Accessing and Managing Quarantine Emails

Follow these steps to access Quarantined emails:

  1. Login to http://office.com/
  2. Click the Menu icon on the left top corner of the screen.
  3. Click Security. A Microsoft Defender page opens.
  4. Go to the Email and Collaboration section.
  5. Click Review. A Review page opens.
  6. Select the email. A window opens on the right.
  7. Click the three dots.
  8. Click Allow Sender. A message Sender added to the recipient mailbox will be displayed.
  9. Click Release
  10. Enable Submit the message to Microsoft to improve detection checkbox.
  11. Enable Allow this message.
  12. Select the Remove allow entry after option from the drop-down.
  13. Click Send. An email will be sent to the recipient.
  14. Click Done and close the panel.

You can automate the above process or receive quarantine emails to your inbox, review them, and then allow or reject them based on the necessity of email type. If you need additional support:

  • Reach out to the Microsoft technical support team for help in automating this process.
  • Read this document to learn how to set up the process.

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