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What password should I paste while authorizing Clickatell(Communicator) with Vtiger?
What is the SMS Messages module?
How can I send SMSes from Vtiger?
How do I set up or configure an SMS provider in the CRM?
What are the SMS service providers or gateways that are available with Vtiger CRM?
Where is the SMS Messages module in the CRM?
How can I send an SMS from the Contacts module?
How can I send an SMS from the Organizations module?
Can I send only a single SMS to any of my contacts?
Can I send SMS messages from multiple gateways?
Can I send SMS messages to all the numbers linked to a contact?
What if the SMS service provider I want to use is not available in Vtiger CRM? 
Where can I see the list of SMS messages I have sent to my customers?
How can I find out if the SMS message I have sent has reached my contact or customer?

What kind of SMS messages can I send from Vtiger CRM?

You can send the following types of SMS messages:
  • Single or stand-alone messages.
    • For example, meeting requests, special offers, information about products, etc.
  • Bulk or mass messages.
    • For example, campaigns, offers, discounts, etc.
  • Automated SMS messages through workflows. You can set up a workflow in the CRM to automatically send messages at a planned time and date. This creates a trigger in the CRM to send SMS(s) on the selected schedule.
    • For example, pre-planned campaigns, greetings, etc.
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