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What password should I paste while authorizing Clickatell(Communicator) with Vtiger?
What is the SMS Messages module?
What kind of SMS messages can I send from Vtiger CRM?
How can I send SMSes from Vtiger?
How do I set up or configure an SMS provider in the CRM?
Where is the SMS Messages module in the CRM?
How can I send an SMS from the Contacts module?
How can I send an SMS from the Organizations module?
Can I send only a single SMS to any of my contacts?
Can I send SMS messages from multiple gateways?
Can I send SMS messages to all the numbers linked to a contact?
What if the SMS service provider I want to use is not available in Vtiger CRM? 
Where can I see the list of SMS messages I have sent to my customers?
How can I find out if the SMS message I have sent has reached my contact or customer?

What are the SMS service providers or gateways that are available with Vtiger CRM?

The following service providers or gateways come pre-loaded with Vtiger CRM:
  • Clickatell (Communicator/Central)
  • Clickatell (Platform)
  • ESMSProvider
  • GupShup
  • India SMS
  • LabsMobile
  • MobileMessenger
  • MSG91
  • Mvaayoo
  • NRSGateway
  • SolutionsInfini
  • SMPP
  • SMS99
  • TextAnywhere
  • TextLocal
  • Twilio
  • ZoomConnect
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