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Can I create leads, contacts, and organizations using incoming emails?
Can I set up mailroom rules from my inbox?
What is mailroom?
How do I create cases using Mailroom and auto-forwarding?
What is Criteria in mailroom rules?
What is my auto-forwarding (mailroom) address?
How does the Archive Email mailroom rule work?
What is Autofill Values from the Email Body in mailroom rules?

What happens when an email is forwarded to Mailroom?

When an email comes into the Mailroom, it is scanned along with the mailroom rules configured by you. When the email matches the criteria set up in a mailroom rule, the action in the mailroom rule is executed.

For example, if the Criteria is If Email Recipient contains supportteam@vtgr.com and the Action is Create/Update Cases, then a case record is created for every email that comes into supportteam@vtgr.com. 
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