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Can I change city or state field to Picklist field ?
Can I add more custom fields in company details block ?
Where can I add the details of my company?
How to add my company logo in customer portal?
Is Vtiger CRM customizable ?
What can I customize in Vtiger CRM?
Where can I see my company's logo?
I have added my company's details. Where will it appear?
How can I add my company's details?
What should be the format of the logo image?
What should be the size of the logo image?
My logo image size is 2 MB. Why is it not getting uploaded?

I uploaded the wrong logo to the CRM. How can I get the previous logo?

If you have uploaded a wrong logo image, you can click Undo to switch back to the previous image.
To know more about Company Details, click here.
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