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What are Assignment Rules?
When are Assignment Rules triggered?
Are Assignment Rules available for the Organizations module?
Are Assignment Rules available in the Sales Starter edition?
What are the different assignment modes available in Vtiger CRM?
How does the Round Robin assignment mode work?
Can all users define or configure an Assignment Rule?
How can I configure an Assignment Rule?
Why can't I add a member to an assignment rule?
Are Assignment Rules affected by the user type?
Are there any conditions that must be satisfied for assignment rules to work?
Can I configure a round robin assignment for groups?
How can I configure the Round Robin assignment between groups?
Can I have roles instead of users as a part of a group in an assignment rule?
Will the records created through RSForms trigger an Assignment Rule?
Will an Assignment Rule work if an assignment is made using workflows?
Is Assignment Rules supported for Business Hours?
How can I remove a group from an Assignment Rule?
How can I remove a member from an Assignment Rule?

How does the Least Loaded assignment mode work?

In the Least Loaded mode, records are assigned to the member who has less open records in his bucket. This mode verifies that the records are equally assigned to all the members, and nobody is burdened.
For example, if Ari Gale has five open records and Arjun Varma has nine open records, then the newly saved record will be assigned to Ari Gale.

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