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What are SMS campaigns?
In which editions is SMS Campaigns available?
What is the process of sending an SMS campaign?
How do I configure an SMS provider?
How do I access the SMS Campaigns module?
How do I install SMS Campaigns?
What are the steps to create an SMS Campaign?
What is the Test button in SMS campaigns used for?
Can I see an SMS campaign's statistics after it is sent?
Can I send an SMS campaign to any phone number in my contact list?
Can I send an SMS campaign to all my contacts?
Can I test an SMS campaign before sending it?
Where can I find SMS Campaigns after installing the extension?

What do the different SMS campaign stasuses mean?

Here are the statuses of an SMS campaign in the CRM:
  • Draft - Campaign is created (or being created) and saved but not sent
  • Queued - Campaign is in the queue and will be sent soon
  • Sending - Campaign is being sent
  • Sent - Campaign has been sent successfully
  • Completed - Campaign is completed when all the SMS messages are successfully delivered or the delivery has failed
To learn more about SMS campaigns, click here.
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