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What is the first page that I see when I go to the Help Center?

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As soon as you land on the Help Center, you will see the homepage.
The homepage is the introductory page of your Help Center where you see the following:  

  • Header - The header contains four different elements. They are:
    • Name of the website - Displays the name of the HC.
    • Logo - Displays the logo.
      • Note: You can use your company’s name and logo on the HC. 
    • Submit a request - Allows the readers to ask for enhancements, report a bug, or share their queries.
    • Sign In - Allows your employees and contacts to sign in with the portal credentials to the Help Center.
  • Search Bar - Allows you to search entire documentation just by entering keywords.
  • Categories - Displays different categories of documentation along with the description below the search bar.
  • Recent articles - Displays the list of articles that were visited recently.
  • Top articles - Displays the list of highly visited articles.
  • Footer - The footer contains promotional links to your social media accounts and other websites. You can also insert your copyright messages here.
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