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What is the Help Center?
How will my customers know about the Help Center?
How will documentation appear on the Help Center?
Is the Help Center available with the Sales Starter edition?
Is the Help Center available by default in the CRM?
What is the first page that I see when I go to the Help Center?
How can I go to the page where all the articles are listed?
What can I do with an article apart from reading?
How can I go back to the homepage from the article?
What is the need for portal credentials in the Help Center?
How should I start configuring the Help Center?
What is the use of the 'Disable Help Center' button?
What can I configure in the 'Basic' tab?
What can I configure in the 'Categories' tab?
How can I add a category?
What can I configure in the 'Rebranding' tab?
How can I add a subcategory?
Can I update the sequence of the categories?
Can I edit a category?
Can I delete a category?

What are the different elements present in an article?

Here is a list of elements that you can see in the article:

  • Articles in this Category - Displays other articles listed in the current category.
  • Search Bar - Helps you to search for an article. All you have to do is enter your query. 
  • Title - Displays the title of the article.
  • Description - Displays a brief description of the article.
  • Author Name - Displays the name of the author.
  • Last Modified - Displays the time and date when the author last modified the article.
  • Related articles -  Displays other articles related to the current article.
To know more about Help Center, click here.
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