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Are dependent fields and blocks applicable everywhere in the CRM?
What are the prerequisites to configure dependent fields and blocks?
How do dependent fields and blocks work?
How can I configure dependent fields and blocks?
How can I edit an existing dependency?
Why can't I see a field value in List View?
What is block and field dependency?
What are the limitations in dependent fields and blocks?
What are the different access rules?

What are dependent fields and blocks?

With Dependent Fields and Blocks, you can define dynamic business rules at the field level. They are activated only when the configured condition is satisfied. Additionally, you can set rules to mark a field as mandatory or read-only.

For example, you can define a condition where the Location field must be revealed only when you fill out the Phone Number field in a record. 

Watch a video to understand the working clearly.
To know more about Dependent Fields and Blocks, click here.
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