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What is new in the recent version of Vtiger (V9)?
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What are the new features added in the recent version of Vtiger (V9)?

We have added a few new features to V9 that will help users of all divisions. 
  • Sales - AI guided selling with Vtiger Calculus will help sales teams to amp up their game. Here are a few key features:
    • Best time to contact 
    • Deal score and Deal recommendations 
    • AI-based forecast
    • Conversation Signals 
    • Call Analysis
    • Coaching Material and Coaches Dashboard
    • Players Dashboard 
    • Email Assistant
  • Marketing - V9 will enable your marketing personnel to obtain the right leads through various platforms.
    • Capture leads through Facebook and Google Ads integration
    • Use APIs to set consents
    • Utilize responses volume chart in Surveys
    • Track website activity while lead scoring
  • Support - V9 will empower your support members to increase their assistance to customers.
    • Use the Articles module and Help Center portal to display long-form help content
    • Use Chat Insights to analyze your teams’ performance
Along with module-specific additions, we also have other additions that enhance the CRM.
  • In the Deals’ Kanban View, you can choose ‘All Pipelines’ as a filter.
  • Search for related lists in the List View.
  • In the Tasks’ Kanban View, you can choose ‘All Tasks Types’ as a filter.
  • Field value validations have been enabled to maintain data integrity.
  • Google Meet and Sage Accounting integrations have been added.
  • You can now send emails to new users from your domain.
To know more about What's New in V9, click here.
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