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What can I do in the Vtiger CRM mobile app's Summary View?

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Once you click on a record from the List View, Kanban View, or the Calendar View, you can see the record’s summary view. 
We have divided the Summary View into various sections for better understanding. Let us learn about them one by one.
  • Header
In the Header section, you can see essential details like a record name, status, parent task, due date, priority, etc.
In the Header, you can: 
  • Re-open a record by clicking on the Re-open button. It appears in the ‘Would you like to re-open?’ banner above the name of the record.
  • Follow a record by clicking the Star icon
  • Edit a record by clicking the Pencil icon
  • Click the More icon to, 
    • Delete the record
    • Duplicate the record
    • Convert the record to a Deal (only in the Contacts module)
  • Pipeline
In the pipeline, you will see the record’s task type and status. You can change the status by clicking on the current status value. The pipeline appears only in Contacts, Deals, Tasks, and Events modules.
  • Widgets
Below the pipeline, you can see a set of widgets that enable you to perform various actions. Read on to know about them...
  • One View - You can view and add records of related modules. This is available only in the Contacts, Organizations, and Deals module.
  • Metrics - You can see the Estimate and the Due Date of the record.
  • Sub Tasks - You can view and add sub tasks to the current record. You can also mark a task as completed. This is available only in the Tasks module.
  • Journey Tasks - You can view the list of tasks that has to be completed in a particular stage of a deal. You can click on it and view the Summary View and Detail View and mark as done later. It is available only in the Deals module.
  • Key Fields - You can see the list of all the key fields of a record.
  • Details - You can view all the fields and in-depth information related to the record.
  • Activity - You can add comments or voice notes related to the record. You can also reply to comments and customer emails.
  • Description - You can view and add a description for the record.
  • Related -  You can add related records from other modules.
  • Preview - You can view Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders, and Purchase Orders records in the default print template. This widget is available only for the Inventory modules.
  • Lightning Icon
At the bottom of the Summary View, you will find the Lightning icon. This icon is available only in the Leads, Contacts, and Organizations modules.
You can use the icon to: 
  • Instantly call, send an SMS, or an email. 
  • Create or add related records from other modules.
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