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What is Vtiger CRM Process Designer?

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Vtiger CRM’s Process Designer module facilitates users with a graphical interface to create systematic business workflows. 
Process Designer offers a convenient flowchart tool that helps in:
  • Designing and smoothening your business processes.
  •  Streamlining your automated business processes.
The Vtiger CRM Process Designer: 
  • Provides you with an easy-to-use interface with tools and components to create a workflow or a flowchart.
  • Lets you configure various business activities including conditions, actions, and duration as needed for the process. 
  • Helps you publish a workflow or activate it or save it as a draft.
  • Automatically triggers and executes the workflow for your business in the CRM once you publish it. 
  • Allows you edit flows that are in saved or draft stage. 
To know more about the Process Designer, click here.
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