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How to Add Action?

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The Add Action component helps you set up a task or an action for a process. It allows you to select an action from a list of actions and configure its properties as well.

Follow these steps to access Add Action:
  1. Click + mark on a component.
  2. You will be directed to the Components Menu.
  3. Click Add Action.
  4. You will be directed to the Add Action’s menu that displays the below list of actions:
  1. Create
  2. Update
  3. Email
  4. SMS
  5. Whatsapp
  6. Mobile Push Notification
  7. Webhook
  8. Record Alert
  1. Click an action to be executed. You will be directed to the specific action window.
  2. Set up the required settings for the action.
  3. Click Save. The Saved notification is displayed.

With this, you have successfully set up an action for a process on the Process Designer.

To know more about the Process Designer, click here.
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