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How do I use Google Meet from the Events module?

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To use Google Meet from Events, you must select the Activity Type as Google Meet.
Follow these steps to set up a meeting in Events with Google Meet: 
  1. Go to the Main Menu
  2. Click Essentials
  3. Click Events. The Events List View screen is displayed
  4. Click + Add Event.
  5. Click the View Full Form button at the bottom of the  Quick Create > Event window.
  6. Enter or select the following in the Event Details section -
    1. Name: Add the name of the event. Naming an event appropriately will help the participants identify the event easily in case they have a busy calendar
    2. Assigned To: Select the employee or the group the event is assigned to
    3. Start Date & Time: The date and time on which the event is being held
    4. End Date & Time: The date and time at which the event finishes
    5. Agenda: The schedule and/or the topic of the event
    6. Status: Select the status as planned
    7. Activity Type: Select Google Meet
    8. Priority: Set the priority for the event as required
    9. Enter Related To details
      1. Related To
      2. Contact Name
    10. Add details in the Description textbox: Add details about the event, including the agenda if available
    11. Add participants in the Invitees section. You can add participants by using the following -
      1. Type and Search:  Enter the first three letters of an invitee’s name to display the invitee, and click on the name to select
      2. Click the Contact icon to display and select from the list of available contacts
    12. Click Save
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