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What is the email limit in Vtiger CRM?

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The email limit in Vtiger CRM can vary depending on the edition and subscription plan you have.

In the free Pilot Edition of Vtiger CRM, the email limit is set at 250 emails per day.

In the paid versions of Vtiger CRM, such as the Professional and Enterprise, the email limit is higher and is based on the number of users in your account. For example, with the Professional edition, you can send up to 500 emails per user per day, and with the Enterprise editions, the limit is 1000 emails per user per day.

These email limits are subject to change, and it's important to check with Vtiger CRM's support team for the latest information on email limits.

Note: Sending a large number of emails from a single account can trigger spam filters, so it's important to follow best practices for email deliverability and ensure that your emails are targeted and relevant to their recipients.
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