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Is there a case study on how Merge Tags are used in a business SMS?

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ABC Dental Clinic wants to improve its appointment reminder process by sending personalized SMS reminders to its patients. They aim to reduce no-show rates and enhance customer satisfaction by providing relevant and customized appointment information.
To achieve their objective, ABC Dental Clinic decided to leverage merge tags in an SMS template within their communication system, which is integrated with a reliable SMS provider. They follow the steps below:
  • Step 1 - Integration and Data Sync: ABC Dental Clinic integrates its patient management system with the SMS provider and ensures that patient contact details, appointment information, and relevant merge tag data are synced between the systems.
  • Step 2 - Template Creation: They create an SMS template for appointment reminders using merge tags. The merge tags allow them to populate the template with personalized information for each patient dynamically.
  • Step 3 - Merge Tag Implementation: ABC Dental Clinic incorporates merge tags within the SMS template to dynamically insert patient-specific details. The merge tags are replaced with actual patient information during message generation and delivery.
Case Study - Personalized Appointment Reminders Using Merge Tags in an SMS Template
Example Template and Merge Tags:
Dear [PatientName], this is a reminder for your upcoming appointment at ABC Dental Clinic on [AppointmentDate] at [AppointmentTime]. Please arrive 10 minutes early. If you need to reschedule or have any questions, please contact us at [ClinicPhone]. We look forward to seeing you!
The placeholders here are replaced by the information related to the patient and the appointment as follows:
  • [PatientName]: Replaced with the patient's full name.
  • [AppointmentDate]: Replaced with the scheduled date of the appointment.
  • [AppointmentTime]: Replaced with the appointment time.
  • [ClinicPhone]: Replaced with the clinic's contact phone number.
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