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Explain the Dynamic option with an example.

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In Dynamic Product Options, sub-products get selected automatically based on the conditions given. You can select a minimum and maximum number of products to be added as a sub-product.
Product options are a part of the Products module. 
For example, let's consider an online store that sells personalized jewelry. One of the product options is the engraving text on a necklace pendant. In this case, the dynamic option allows customers to input their text, such as:
  1. Name: Customers can enter their name or the name of a loved one to be engraved on the necklace pendant.
  2. Date: Customers can input a significant date, like a birthday or anniversary, to be engraved on the pendant.
  3. Custom Message: Customers can add a personal message or a special phrase of their choice to be engraved on the pendant.
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