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How can I edit any task from the Gantt Chart ?
How can I create a task?
What is task sequencing?
What is a task?
How can I create a previous task?
What are the dependencies between a subtask and previous task?
What is the impact of business hours on task duration?
How can I create a parent task?
What is a parent task?
What are the dependencies between parent tasks and subtasks?
What is an example of task sequencing?
How can I access tasks?
How can I delete a task?
Can I set up reminders for my tasks?

How can I create a subtask?

Adding subtasks is simple. You can do it from a task record’s Summary View. 
Follow these steps to create a subtask:
  1. Click the Sub tasks widget.
  2. Click Add Section.
  3. Enter the section name.
  4. Enter the subtask name.
  5. Press Enter.

Subtasks do not have a dependency on the task under which you add them. Also, subtasks added using the Sub tasks widget do not have a record in the CRM. You can only view them in the widget under a task.

Note: You can tick off a task from the List View after you complete it.
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