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What are Journey Templates and Journey Tasks?
How can I create a journey template?
How can I create a journey task?
What is task dependency?
How can I set up a task dependency?
What are task delays?
How can I set up a task delay?
How are start date and start time set for journey tasks?
How are the due date and time set for journey tasks?

How are journey templates used in Deals?

Vtiger CRM creates a journey template when a new pipeline is created by you. The journey template has all the sales stages present in the pipeline. You can then add journey tasks to the template.

Every journey template is associated with a pipeline. When a pipeline is used by a deal, the journey template associated with that pipeline automatically gets attached to the deal. 

Changes made to a journey template are reflected in the deals that use the pipeline pertaining to the journey template. Journey tasks are displayed under the Tasks widget in a deal record. Also, you can see upcoming journey tasks under the Up Next section on a deal.

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