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How can I attach sent emails to existing records?
How to configure Email Settings to send emails from our own SMTP server?
Can I increase maximum upload size of attachments?
How does Email tracking work?
How can i send email from my mail server?
How can I check the reason for my failed emails?
How do I verify the email id registered in Vtiger?
Why is CNAME required?
What is the CNAME record for Email campaigns?
What is the CNAME record for Vtiger outgoing server ?
What is a DMARC Record?
What is DKIM?
Can I define a fixed Font family and Font style for all the emails I send out from Vtiger?
How can I compose an email?
Can I insert links in my email?
Is there a way to embed an email template while composing emails?
How can I set up my signature for outgoing emails?
Can I attach a file to my email?
Is there a way to schedule emails?
What actions can I perform on an email?
How can I set up an outgoing server for emails?
Where can I check my mails?
Can I import emails?
Can I set up a reminder to follow-up on an email?
How can I add a CNAME record?
Why are my emails bouncing?
What happens when a hard bounce occurs?
What is an email client?

What actions can I perform on emails in the email list?

You will find the following options when you hover on an email. 
  • Edit Reminder: You can create a reminder to reply to or follow up with an email by clicking the Edit Reminder option. Emails with a reminder appear on top of the email lists in a folder.
  • Mark as Done: After an email conversion ends, you can mark it as done by using the Mark As Done option. Emails marked as Done are moved to the Done folder.
  • Mark as Read or Unread: You will find these options when you click the More icon. With these options, you can mark a conversation as Read or Unread. 
  • Make Private or Public: You can mark a conversation as Private or Public by using the Make Private or Make Public option. These options appear when you click the More icon. Private conversations are only viewable to users of the mailbox. You can identify private conversations by a Lock icon when you hover on them.
  • Delete: You will find this option when you click the More icon. This option deletes a conversation. Deleted conversations are sent to Trash.
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