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Ask Calculus AI

Lavanya R
25 Oct, 2023 - Updated 5 months ago
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Ask Calculus AI allows users to interact directly with Calculus AI through commands. Ask Calculus feature is available for all modules in the CRM on the top of the screen. You can find the Ask Calculus icon on the top header of the screen. The icon will be available irrespective of which module you open.

You can add commands to create, get a summary, and count information in a natural language query.  

There are two types of commands:

  1. /commands (Slash commands)-The CRM records provide the data that is used to service slash commands.
    1. Summary command (/sm) - Summarizes a deal or a contact. For example, it gives the summary of a deal or a contact.
    2. Create command (/create) - Creates records by auto-filling a form based on the information given in the free-form text. For example, /create an important meeting with John Smith tomorrow at 11 AM for one hour, and create an event with a name and time.
    3. Report command (/report) - Shows a chart or count of information requested in a natural language query.
  2. Text commands - Text command refers to specific instructions or queries you can provide as text.
    1. Text commands are used to get information from GPT services like OpenAI. You can type the text in the text field and click send. Based on your query, OpenAI will fetch the information.
    2. We use GPT services such as OpenAI's ChatGPT or Google Bard to execute text commands.

Note: All the commands used are tracked for usage. The personal information used, like email or phone numbers, will be encrypted and hence completely secure.

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Ask Calculus AI






Ask Calculus AI offers the following benefits:

  • Improve Conversion - You can make better decisions with easy access to information.
  • Save Time - You can save time by simply creating records from commands, creating reports from natural language queries, and getting a deal summary in a few seconds. 

In this article, you will learn about:

  • Calculus AI
  • Accessing Ask Calculus AI
  • Using different commands
  • Limitations

Key Terminology


Key Term



A command is an instruction a user provides to the system to perform a calculus-related operation or retrieve information.


A query refers to a request for information related to Calculus.


A command used to create a record. 


A command used to get the summary view of a record.


A command that shows a chart or count of information requested in a Natural Language query.

Accessing Ask Calculus AI

Follow these steps to access Ask Calculus in Vtiger CRM:

  1. Log in to the CRM.
  1. Select any module.
  2. Click the Ask Calculus AI icon on the top of the screen. An Ask Calculus AI window opens.
  1. Type the command or query in the text field.
  2. Click Send.

A record will be created, or a summary will be displayed.

Note: Do not enter confidential information like email ID or phone number.

Using Different Command

/Create command

The Create command extracts information from natural language text to create records.

Example 1: /create an important meeting with John Smith tomorrow at 11 AM for one hour will create an event with name and time.

This will create an Event with the following auto-filled values:

  • Activity Type - Meeting
  • Contact Name - John Smith
  • Start Time - 11 AM
  • End Time - 12 PM
  • Priority - Important

Example 2: /create a $100k Opportunity related to John Smith for opening a new coffee shop, and close the deal by 15th Aug this year. 

This will create an Event with the following auto-filled values:

  • Activity Type - Opportunity
  • Contact Name - John Smith
  • Event - Coffee shop
  • Close Deal - 15th Aug

/sm command

The Summary command summarizes a deal or a contact. 

Example 1:

/sm Opportunities Acme or/sm Deal Initech will fetch you the deal summary related to Acme and Initech organization. 

This will create a Deal with the following auto-filled values:

  • Activity Type - Summary
  • Organization Name - Acme or Initech


  • Assignment Rule will not work, as records will not be assigned to Groups. If we give the prompt to GPT asking to create a record in some module and assign it to a Group, then the created records will not get assigned to the mentioned group.
  • Field validation is not supported. In the Module layout and fields, we have Field Validations. These are not supported for the records created from Ask Calculus AI. Even if the field validation doesn’t match, GPT will fill the values in those fields automatically.
  • Even if a user is not authorized to assign records to another user, Calculus can still automatically take the prompt and assign it to that user.
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