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Calculus AI for Email Assistant to Recommend Content

Lavanya R
8 Jul, 2024 - Updated 11 days ago
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The Email Assistant tool uses artificial intelligence to recommend content based on the emotion and keywords in the email. You can find it in the Coaching, Contacts, and Deals module. Anybody who is directly interacting with clients via email can use this feature. It recommends relevant and personalized content via email based on this analysis.

Email Assistant will also suggest the Email template, document, snippet or send alert message to the manager.

Calculus AI helps in recommending the content to send to an email. The primary goal of an email assistant is to enhance the user's email experience by providing them with valuable and engaging content without overwhelming their inbox.

Feature Availability


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Feature Availability

Calculus AI for Email Assistant to Recommend Content



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The following benefits of Email Assistant to Recommend Content:

  • Personalization -  Email assistant provides personalized content suggestions based on the emotions and keywords in an email.
  • Discovering new content -Email Assistant helps users discover new and diverse content, keeping them informed and expanding their knowledge.
  • Improving time efficiency - Email Assistant saves users’ time by suggesting replies to emails that come directly to their inboxes.

In this article, you will learn about accessing Email Assistant to Recommend Content.


Key Terminology

Key Term


Email Assistant

The tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze a user's preferences, interests, and past interactions.


The mood of the conversation of the sales rep with the client.

Rate of Speech

The rate at which the sales representative is conversing with the customer.

Talk-to-Listen Ratio

The percentage of time the sales reps spoke during a client call.

Accessing Email Assistant to Recommend Content

Follow these steps to access Email Assistant to Recommend Content in Deals:

  1. Log in to the CRM.
  1. Go to Deals.
  1. Click on a Deal record. The Summary view of the record opens.
  1. Go to Conversation Insights. The Conversation Insights of the record opens.
  1. Go to Conversation Timeline.
  2. Click on an Email. The Compose Email window opens.
  1. Calculus AI will suggest content or documentation.
  2. Click Insert to add recommended content.
  1. Click Send.

Your Email Assistant recommended content mail is sent successfully.

Calculus AI Email Prompts

When composing a new email, the system shows prompts.

  1. Click on a prompt to see questions and text boxes.
  2. Enter your content and click Generate Draft to create an email draft.
  • The prompts are available for new emails you compose and not for email replies.
  • The email prompts are available on both the desktop and mobile app.
The following prompt questions are available by default:
  • What is the Role/Job Title of the recipient (e.g., CFO, Procurement Manager)
  • What is the recipient's company/industry?
  • Have you had any previous interactions with the recipient? (If yes, summarize briefly)
  • What is the main goal or purpose of this email? (e.g., introduce a product, schedule a meeting, follow up on a conversation)
  • What is the key message or value proposition you want to convey in this email?:
  • What tone or style would you like the email to have? (Picklist: Formal, Friendly, Persuasive, Informative, Urgent, Appreciative, Apologetic)
  • Are there any specific points or talking points you would like the email to include?
  • Is there a specific call to action you would like to include in the email? (e.g., schedule a demo, download a resource)
  • Are there any recent news or events related to the recipient or their company that we can reference?
  • Is there any other information you think would be helpful for the AI to know?
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