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What are the types of Appointment Pages in Vtiger CRM?

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Vtiger CRM gives you the option of creating three types of appointment pages – Meet Me, Auto-Assigned, and Group Event.
  • Meet Me Page: Meet Me pages are for one-on-one meetings. They let you invite a customer to meet a specific individual. You can schedule a meeting for yourself or another team member using Meet Me pages.
  • Auto-Assigned Page: Using Auto-assigned pages, you can schedule a meeting between a customer and an available team member. When the customer picks a date and time, Vtiger CRM automatically assigns the meeting to a member who is available, depending on their business hours.
  • Group Event Page: Group Event pages allow you to invite multiple customers to attend an event. For example, if you are hosting a webinar or a workshop, you can create an appointment page for the same and send it across to your customers.
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