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How do I automatically assign an appointment to a rep?

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You can do this with the help of Auto-Assigned pages. Auto-Assigned pages are assigned to a team/group. When the customer picks a date and time, Vtiger CRM automatically assigns the meeting to a team/group member who is available to host the meeting, depending on their business hours.

Follow these steps to create an Auto-Assigned page:
  1. Click the Main Menu.
  2. Click Sales.
  3. Click Appointment Pages.
  4. Click +New Appointment Page.
  5. Select Auto-Assigned.
  6. Enter the following information:
    1. Event details: The name and description of the event, appointment page link, and the invitee’s and assignee team or group’s names. Note: Enable the checkmark for 'Auto-assign the appointments' to one of the available agents from this team to auto-assign events
    2. Event duration & templates: The duration and type of the event, and email templates for confirmation, reminder, and cancellation
    3. Event Scheduling: The maximum date up to which a customer can schedule an appointment and other details 
      1. How far into the future should customers be able to schedule an appointment: If you say 15 days, the customers will be able to see the slots available for an appointment in the next 15 days.
      2. Prevent scheduling appointments less than (X hours away): If you say 1 hour, the customers will not be able to schedule an appointment within one hour from the current time.
      3. Buffer time before appointment: Prevents back-to-back scheduling appointments.
      4. Buffer time after appointment: Prevents back-to-back scheduling appointments.
    4. Invitee Questions: The question that the invitee must answer to be a part of the event
  7. Click Save.
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