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How do my customers schedule an appointment with me?

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When customers click the link of the appointment page that you send, they see all the available slots in your business hours. Customers can then pick a slot and schedule a meeting by filling out a form.

Note: Click the hyperlinks in each step to see the reference screens. 

Here is how a customer can schedule a Meet Me or Auto-Assigned appointment:
  1. You send an email to your client so they can pick a slot for an appointment.
  2. When a customer opens an appointment link, he or she will see all the dates available for a meeting.
  3. When they click on a date, all the slots available on the date will be displayed. 
    • Note: Slots that are already booked are not displayed in the schedule.
  4. After they pick a slot, they must fill out a form to share their details with you.
    • Note: Form details may vary for different appointments, depending on the customers, the reason for the appointment, etc.
  5. When they click Schedule Event, they will see a confirmation message.
They can reschedule the meeting by clicking the Reschedule button.

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