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What are Appointment Pages?
How can I access Appointment Pages?
What is a Meet Me page?
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What is a Group Event page?
What are the types of Appointment Pages in Vtiger CRM?
How can I share an appointment page with a customer?
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How can I automatically assign an appointment to a rep?
How can I create and share a group event page?
What are the ways I can share an appointment page with my customers?
Can I add new questions for the invitee in an appointment page?
How do my customers schedule an appointment with me?
How do my customers register for a group event?
Where can I see my scheduled appointments?
Can I have my customers fill out a form before scheduling an appointment with me?
Can I prevent scheduling appointments that are less than an hour away?
Can my customers schedule an appointment with me on a future date?
Is there a way I can share my schedule with a customer so he can pick a time for an appointment?
How can my customers cancel an appointment?
How can I reschedule an appointment?
How can my customers reschedule an appointment?
How can I prevent back-to-back appointments?

How can I cancel an appointment with a customer?

You can cancel an appointment in two ways: 
  • By marking the related event as Canceled
  • By using the Cancel option in the confirmation email

Marking related event as Canceled
When you share an appointment page with a customer and they schedule an appointment using the page, Vtiger CRM automatically creates an event for the appointment. 

To view an event:
  • Click the Menu icon
  • Go to Essentials > Events
To cancel an appointment, mark the related event as canceled. 

Follow these steps to mark an event as Canceled:
  1. Click the Menu icon.
  2. Go to Essentials.
  3. Click Events.
  4. Select and open the event related to the customer appointment that you want to cancel.
  5. Click Deep Dive.
  6. Set the Status field to Canceled.
  7. Click Save
Note: When you mark a related event of an appointment as Canceled, the change reflects in the appointment page under Sales > Appointment Pages

Canceling through email

When a customer schedules an appointment with you, you will receive a confirmation email. The email contains options to reschedule and cancel the appointment.

Follow these steps to cancel an appointment:
  1. Open the confirmation email.
  2. Click Cancel.
  3. Enter the reason for cancelation.
  4. Click Submit to confirm the cancelation.
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