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How do I see the details for each phone call I have made?

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Yes, you can since the CRM saves a call record for every call you have made. 
  • You can see the list of all the calls you have made in the List View screen of the Phone Calls module. (Essentials > Conversations > Phone Calls List View screen)
    • You can display phone call logs by accessing existing lists or creating a customized list of your own. For example,
      • All Phone Calls - for all calls
      • Missed Calls - those calls that you have missed
    • You can create your own lists on the Create New List page by,
      • Add List Information.
      • Choose List Conditions.
      • Share your lists with other users by entering their names and roles.
      • Saving the list.
  • You can see the details of each call record by clicking on the required record in the List View.
    • The  Summary View of the call record (Activity section) displays all relevant information.
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